txfamilygal1: Prefers pajamas & pancakes over Advil & sunglasses
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Non-fumeur(se) avec Sportive silhouette
No where, Virginia
37 year old Femme, 165cm, Autre
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Noir, Poisson
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txfamilygal1 recherche activement une relation sérieuse.
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Ecole secondaire

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Couleur des cheveux Noirs Couleur des yeux Bruns
A une voiture? Oui A des enfants? Oui
Relation la plus longue Plus de 5 ans Êtes-vous ambitieux(se)? Très ambitieux(se)
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If your profile says “wants to date but nothing serious” or you have no photo and want to “send me a photo” please move on. Don’t bother exposing WHY you picked that status or tell me you will change it...seriously. Thank you!

- I have 2 children and would like to have one more.
- I have plenty of friends, I am not looking to surround myself with male friends. I am looking for a possible mate.
- I have a home and I do NOT believe adults should have roommates after the age of 30.
- I have a career and have 15 years of longevity
- I have a vehicle
- I have money in the bank
- I have multiple degrees/graduating with an MBA this year.

The only physical traits I have to put on here that could possibly be deal breaker are bad teeth and excessive weight. I take care of every part of my body...and I would expect the same in return. I think teeth say a lot about a person...and a little weight is not bad but overweight is. I am looking for longevity in my relationship with someone and with everything else that could possible end our lives, weight is not something I wish to add as a negative factor.

**** I am old school and believe a man should bring most if not all of what I have and/or more to the table. I am looking for a man that compliments me, knows how to treat a woman, confident, a protector, a provider and most importantly...a soulmate. If that is you, please send me a message to let me know how intelligent you are. You never get a second chance to make a first impression...so make your first message count! Lol
Maybe this is the wrong website...idk...we will see. I have FaceTime and Skype.

Thank you for your time!

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
a park is fine...if you are in a rush to meet up and are trying to meet with a day or two of meeting, you may want to move on to the next. As a parent, hopefully a gentleman would understand it takes planning...

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