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Age: 33
PumpkinKiss: Seeking Graphic Designy Heterosexual Lumberjack
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fume occasionnellement avec Quelques kilos en trop silhouette
Vancouver, British Columbia
30 year old Femme, 163cm, Laïc
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Caucasienne, Verseau
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PumpkinKiss recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Diplôme universitaire
Illustrator, Travel Guide

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A propos de Moi
I love wine and good stories. I love to laugh. I love a really great conversation. I keep my mind open. Always love to learn something new, helps at Jeopardy! I love to adventure, climb trees at 3am. I am spontaneous and creative. I love movies, photography, art, languages. I like taking photos. I want to get better. I have some house plants I try to keep alive. I like cooking. I like to try new things. I love walks in the rain and sleeping in cuddled up to someone. I am romantic. Like, really romantic. I like to make people smile. I love people. I am an honest humanist. I've had a lot of people ask what I mean by that. I mean that I have a profound respect for people. People's safety, happiness and health. People come first, period. I take really good care of the ones I care about, and I try to care about everyone. I love meeting new friends, hearing their stories and talking for hours!
I consider learning one of the most important things in my life. I try to soak up all the knowledge I can, to inform myself, improve my mind, to whatever end, wether simply to be a more engaging****ail party guest, or for the glory of the Final Jeopardy question nailed.
I try my best to be wise. When it comes to the way I treat other people I try always to reflect on things as if I was seventy years old. It helps me to see what really matters.
I'm looking for someone who can communicate. One thing that drives me a little bit crazy is people who are stubborn, I am most definitely not. I'm looking for someone open and able to hear and reasonable. A grown up basically. I am the kind of person who, well, actually I can't even remember the last time I raised my voice. I like to fantasize that two really mature people can communicate that there might be an issue, hear each other out, and resolve the situation without ever having to resort to anger. Then again, as an artist I do fantasize about having a passionate screaming fight with someone in the streets and throwing paint and canvasses at them like Penelope Cruise did in that movie, and then the make up sex. Yeah! Hmmm, ok, I'll get back to you on this matter:)
I am looking for someone funny who can keep up a great conversation. I am looking for someone thoughtful, who appreciates a giving person and enjoys giving back. I love making people smile. I love surprising people. And I feel moved to protect the people I care about. Hoping to find the same. I like a person with half way decent spelling. Must be a cuddler. Must have appreciation for a woman who wants to make passionate love five times a day. I am also a big fan of beards:) Blonds give me butterflies and accents make me weak in the knees. But quite honestly I'm very open. I have found that happiness comes in many shapes!
Oh, and while I have a decent head on my shoulders you'll have to forgive that sometimes nothing but a colon and a parenthesis can really capture a mood:)

I am looking for someone who makes me feel like, on being with, I'm home.


Turn off are few.
-Baseball caps.
-Unironically bad spelling.

I don't list these things as deal breakers for me, but they might be for you.
- I loath clubs with a passion, but love pubs and dive bars.
- I LOVE dogs but am allergic:(
- I stay active but sports are *horrible*. I will never, never, never, ever, go to the gym. Ever. Sorry dudes, cant risk losing this supple, soft, creamy female form of mine. Also, watching sports is horrible. Except if it's cheese rolling. You enjoy a night at the watering hole with the gentlemen and watch the sportsez, and when you get home I will be on a rose petal covered bed waiting for you wearing that thing you like. Good compromise?
And now that 90% of everyone has left the room, my soul mate must be among you.

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
I like first dates that don't feel like dates. I love it when you meet someone randomly and it takes off. I like to do something special that stands out from the classic coffee thing where you could interchange just about any face for another; something that belongs to those two people and that you'll smile about when you're seventy. I think it's really romantic to have a great meeting story to look back on and marvel at the odds.

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