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kjones422 recherche activement une relation sérieuse.
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I am looking for a relationship with someone who has similar interests.

I enjoy going to events and parties in the area. I have a great group of friends and a career I enjoy.

I am looking for a long term relationship. I have my fill of casual friends and although I enjoy their company, I am looking for something more; someone that can love unconditionally, can be satisfied with what I have to offer, and sees me as a unique individual that could never be replaced.

I am bi-sexual and non-monogamous.

Open relationships and why they work for me-

When you are in a committed monogamous relationship, there are sacrifices. I don't believe I am fundamentally designed for this.

I view a committed monogamous relationship as denying myself and my partner from experiencing intimacy and love from others.
It is easy to limit and deny what you don't know. Some sneak around, some have regrets, yet others are content.

Being in a committed open relationship allows the opportunity to expand life, experiences, energy, and love is endless.

My personal experience with committed monogamous relationships in the past is boredom. After a few months, the newness of the relationship would fade. After a few more months, the relationship would fall apart. There was no foundation, no reason to stay together. Since there was no longer a basic connection to keep us together, I would find someone else who I connect better with and the relationship would end because I had to choose. If the relationship was open, I could explore other connections and not feel limited.

My personal experience with committed non-monogamous relationships is that I find there is no need to hide your needs and desires. I have experienced open free communication. It is easy to show who you are and what you want. I am a very open sexual person and enjoy sex with both men and women. When I find someone I enjoy, I have the option to pursue them without hurting the person I am with. I can say a person looks sexy and I would love to be intimate with them with my significant other. Communication would start versus a breakdown of the relationship and potential jealousy may ensue.

It is hard to experience an open relationship if you are not secure in yourself. I learned that the hard way. You have to love yourself and have the confidence to know that you are unique and special. When you understand that what you have to offer is amazing, you can open yourself to others in a natural, loving way and still have that strong connection with the one you love.
I find it is exciting to be able to share moments with others, to show others what I have with my partners, and to see how other couples interact.
I can't do that in a monogamous relationship so I am happy that there is an option for me.

Knowing that your partner may experience excitement and pleasure from others, yet still come back to you makes your personal connection special and unique. I have experienced no hesitation to share thoughts and ideas when you have a strong open healthy relationship which can make the connection that much stronger. I find it invigorating when you can become a strong unit where you have that amazing connection that can be shared. That is more powerful and unique for me than any traditional committed monogamous relationship can provide.

Anything else, just ask.

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I think a quick drink and conversation is important.

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