jeffre515: Not the Blowfish. Dibs on the Octopus
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Non-fumeur(se) avec Normale silhouette
Rocklin, California
37 year old Homme, 188cm, Laïc
Origine ethnique
Caucasienne, Lion
Type de relation
jeffre515 recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Je cherche Femme Pour Relation sérieuse
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Consommation d'alcool Socialement Désire des enfants? Désire des enfants
Situation de famille Célibataire Prend des drogues? Non
Couleur des cheveux Blonds Couleur des yeux Autre
A une voiture? Oui A des enfants? Non
Relation la plus longue Plus de 3 ans
Animaux domestiques Pas d'animaux  

A propos de Moi
I'm a Denny's Server on the weekends and I go to school full time during the week. I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. I am working on my B.S. and then Masters Degree in Psychology. However, I might attend Linclon Law School after my B.S. It is still undecided. I always get choked up at the end of LOTR when Aragon Bows to Froto and Sam. Lol. And I have a 2007 Mustang that I named Shadowfax.
I can be kind of a sap too when it comes to some movies. I may have shed a tear or two at the end of Pay It Forward. My best friend caught me shedding that tear and he will never let me forget it. SOB. I'm into outdoor activities. I went rafting 3 times last summer. I'm kind of extreme though. Instead of going on a class 4 with a 10 man raft I like to go on a class 2-3 on a single man raft. I always get beat up but it is tons of fun.
Typically, I'm just a homebody. I love going to the movies, playing miniature golf, bowling, driving around aimlessly or walking around Old Sacramento. However, I'm just as happy staying home and watching TV with my girlfriend. If I'm alone, I'm either watching TV, playing a game or studying. I don't go to clubs or bars. I like to, but I wont drink and drive period. Naturally, that limits my options considerably. One of my strong relationship attributes is that I'm very entertaining. There never seems to be a really dull moment with me. I don't need to be entertained, I can do that on my own so don't feel like you have to be same. A downside to me is that I get really bad Migraines. I don't know why, but I have had them for years. When I get them, all I can do is take a lot of Excedrin and take scalding hot baths.

I am dorky, positive, and social

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
Pretty much anything that we could do while getting to know each other in comfortable surroundings. I prefer to do something active and then go have dinner.

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